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Clear Your Family Karma

Clear Your Family Karma

Your Ancestors are Ready

The Healing Work You Do Also Heals the World

Thank You for Doing this Work

This webinar workshop was recorded on 30 Oct 2018. Energy is not limited by time, so the healing work is present no matter when you come to it. You can repeat the meditation portion whenever you feel you could use the support.

Please note: I use the term “karma” in a more contemporary way – mostly as a term to describe the multidimensional energy exchanges that we all experience as humans. I don’t ascribe to traditional definitions of karma, especially as a reason or cause of our suffering or as a punishment for our past lives or that of our ancestors, etc. I use the term because it’s a familiar short-hand that many people use, to say, “my past and family crap affects me”.

I perceive karma in this context, as an energetic imprint of what we receive and hold in our bodies from a complex myriad of sources. This includes both energies that feel more loving and supportive that create peace in our bodies and minds, as well as those energies that don’t.

Even when I use the term “non-beneficial” energies, etc., it’s not a judgement or as though we’re trying to bypass something because it’s uncomfortable. It’s from a place of taking into account that we humans have very porous energy boundaries with under-developed discernment between what’s ours and not ours to process. When I look at family lines, we’re energetically connected and receive a portion of what they’re holding and emitting. That’s not a blame or shame thing. It’s just what is.  

We’re affected by the energies within us, and that includes those that come from who we’re connected to and what we’re exposed to. We’re in a constant state of growth based on our individual responses and ability to discern what’s ours or not ours to process.

When we engage in practices to release or transform whatever energies or emotions that we’re holding that aren’t “ours”, it creates a calmer and more peaceful nervous system. We need that inner-peace to better connect to our own intuition and guidance. When we do this type of energy work, we’re also helping the collective because we’re not contributing to the transmission of fear, anxiety, or “crazy” for others to absorb.

The Clarity Session consultations and energy-work I offer are specifically focused to help activate your own healing abilities, clear out the energetic “noise” that’s not yours to process, and create a better connection to your intuition and Spirit Team guidance. Because when you’re connected to your intuition and have clarity about the next steps that are best for YOU, it’s easier to focus your attention, resources, and choices to create a life you love.

First, you’ll hear a short perspective about timelines, ancestry, and family karma and why you can communicate and work with them, even when they’ve reincarnated.

You’ll then be guided through an energy-work meditation to clear non-beneficial energies and blocks that are ready to be released from you and your Ancestors’ family karma. Your Spirit Team and Ancient Ancestors do the work to clear you as well as the Ancestors that you inherited these energies from.

After the clearing process, there’s a beautiful flow of feminine energy and gifts for you to receive from your Ancestors. Part of the energy work you receive while you learn how to process energies and emotions that aren’t yours, is an attunement to connect with your intuition.

Afterward, there’s a short summation with some intuitive tips and additional guidance for the next steps for you to take.

The entire experience creates more inner-peace and activates your intuition and self-healing.

Why Working with Your Ancestors and

Clearing and Healing Family Karma is so Important

  • We’re connected to our Ancestors in complex, multidimensional ways even if we don’t know who they are. We energetically inherit things we consider gifts, but also receive some of our Ancestors unresolved family karmic burden.
  • Essentially, we’re connected to everyone that’s ever lived and have experienced all aspects of human behavior. (When we consider our past-lives here on Earth or in other dimensions or places in the Universe, it gets even more complex.)
  • Your purpose is tied to your Soul’s evolution. As you do your inner-work, it increases your vibration and energetically effects everyone living, your ancestors, and your past-lives. It also contributes to raising the vibration of the Earth and the collective.
  • As the Earth’s and our vibrations have increased, the “veil” to engage with our ancestors is now but a permeable filter or operational boundary. The healthy Ancestors are connecting with us and want to be actively included in clearing the non-beneficial karma for their own evolution, ours, and for the collective. They also want to support us and share gifts that are clear of non-beneficial energies.
  • As one perspective, the unresolved collective trauma-karma of humanity is erupting all over the world. Since our Ancestors (or us in our past-lives) have all inflicted or experienced trauma, we don’t have to know the specific stories to work with our ancestors to begin to clear this energy. We can start with a focus on what’s showing up in our lives that feels like “it’s not all ours” and expand it through our Ancestor line.
  • You help relieve the suffering of the world by doing your part to create more inner-peace and sharing your kindness and gifts with the world. Help Your Ancestors Help You to Shine.

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