Forgiveness as a Gateway to Freedom

What I Learned in Dreamtime

If I were a screenwriter, I’d never run out of great material from the dreamtime realm. I often share my dreams with my husband, and he’s remarked that it’s like a multi-plot epic movie every night for me.

I’ve always had vivid, movie-like dreams. When I was quite young, I was one of those kids that had a hard time telling the difference between a dream and “reality”, but finally figured out there’s this whole magical other “reality” that not everyone experienced the way I did.

 My dreams and dreamtime work can take on a lucidity and interactive participation that’s hard to describe. It’s easier to share about attending an astral-plane mystery school than trying to explain the psychedelic multidimensional energy work and adventures.

This short video is about the all-night dreamtime experience where I was visited by souls (people living now and those that are “dead”) that sought to be set free through forgiveness. I share about the relationship energy dynamics that keep us stuck and how a forgiveness practice helps in our soul’s evolution to set ourselves and others free.

In Latin, absolutus means “set free” and absolution means a completion and release.

Here’s a prayer that you can use or adapt to help bring more light, love, and peace to yourself and for the benefit of all.

May I be forgiven and set free.
May you be forgiven and set free.
May all beings be forgiven and set free in any time, space, dimension, realm, known and unknown.

May I be blessed with more light, love, and peace.
May you be blessed with more light, love, and peace.

May all beings be blessed with more light, love, and peace.

Much love,


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