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How to Set Yourself Up for a Great Reading - Angela Rider

How to Set Yourself Up for a Great Reading

1. What's on your Mind?

Think about why you want to have a session. When you take time to think about your intentions, you increase your capacity to receive greater benefits. Your intensions co-create the session and are the permission that allows the energy work and psychic channel access to happen for you. When you tune in, you help me tune in more clearly for you.

Note: What comes through in a session may have elements of the thoughts that are going through your head, but I’m not reading your mind. I’m tuning into you and your energy field through intuition, empathy, and psychic skills. Allow yourself to be open to what comes up and through in your session. A closed off mind or defensive stance will affect all your energy, not just your thoughts; it limits the connection to you and of course your connection to your own intuition.

2. Relax and Breathe

There can be all sorts of reasons why you may feel anxious about having a Clarity Session, especially if it’s your first time. We can take a few minutes at the beginning of the session to discuss your concerns and give you time to let your energy settle into a calmer flow. The more at ease you are, the better connection we can make and the deeper the session will be.

3. Ask Leading Questions

When you have a specific question to work through, frame it to invite information and guidance to flow in for you. Questions that open the topic and energy to more possibilities begin with what, why, or how. Yes or No questions limit and narrow helpful guidance from coming through.

For example, asking “Should I take this job?” sets up a limited yes or no dynamic. Instead, ask something like “What do I need to consider if I take this job?” because it allows information to come through for what you might experience in the job. You could get information that it’s a great job but to make it work you would need to set really strong boundaries to prevent being taken advantage of or stressed out. This type of information allows you to make a more informed decision and make the most out of an opportunity.

This reframe is a great way to start your own intuition. It leads you to FEEL more into it and often come to your own-knowing and clarity about it.

4. Let it Flow

Before each session, I take at least 5 minutes to set the energies so that the connection between us is a sacred space and that only what is for your highest good will come through for you. Often, I’ll start receiving guidance for you during this time and I’ll share it once we start the session.

Relax and be open to whatever comes through for you. If you have questions or when you get an aha! moment during the session, let me know because your feedback strengthens the connection for receiving an even deeper session.

I offer to record all sessions so you can be fully present and not distracted by taking notes. I highly recommend that you listen to your recorded session later and take notes then. Clients often say that when they listen to the recording later, they were reminded of important things that they didn’t fully remember.

Should it ever happen that there is a failure with a recording, trust that you got what you needed during the session and listening to it again isn’t necessary. That said, you’re welcome to take notes and record it on your own device to ensure you get what you need.

5. What to Expect

I set the intention that I will be a clear channel for the Clarity Sessions to deliver uncensored messages, information, and guidance to you. Because I’m the conduit, what comes through for you will be presented within the context of my natural upbeat and peaceful nature. I don’t gloss over the tough stuff but I’ll present the guidance with optimism, because even challenging information can be useful.

During the Session, you may feel different sensations, emotional releases, or nothing at all. Most people are aware of the energy movements in some way. Some experience it as a focused energy at a point in the body, or tingling or popping sensations, temperature changes, or like waves. Many people describe a weight of anxiety or sadness leaving their body and they and become grounded and feel more present and fully in their body.

6. Logistics

  • Your Time: Always leave some buffer time in case the session goes longer. Give yourself time before the reading to tune-in for the session and take time after the session to process what guidance you received and allow the energy to recalibrate and balance. Drink plenty of pure water to assist the integration process for at least 24 hours afterward.
  • Your Phone: Ensure your phone is sufficiently charged and you have a good connection for phone sessions.
  • Your Space: Plan for privacy and eliminate distractions and interruptions for phone and video sessions. Use the Do Not Disturb setting on your phone. No driving while having a session!
  • Your Head and Body: Don’t be drunk, high, or hung-over for your session. Your energy will be negatively affected and because I’m also empathic, it makes things very cloudy for me

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