Healing and Clearing Audio Session

Click the play button above to listen to the meditation.

Note: This is an eyes-closed meditation – so don’t do it while driving.

Dear Beautiful Beings,

I was inspired to revisit this clearing and healing session that I gave to a friend. She felt that this mini-session helped her and her family so much that she had suggested that I should share it on my site. While re-listening to it, I worked with the Spirit Team to add extra healing aspects to the recording for whoever listens to it now and in the future.

This session is incredibly calming and provides a pretty full spectrum healing and clearing. You’ll be attuned and connected with your intuitive-self, guides, and gifts as you’re taken through a deep, multidimensional clearing.

Give yourself the gift of listening to this before you head out to connect with family or friends. Your clearing and healing will ripple out to offer that same energetic love gift to others.

You can listen this session any time to access deeper levels of healing.

Feel free to share this link with anyone that you feel would enjoy it.

May all Beings be forgiven and blessed with more Love and Light.

Much love,