Receive and Transmit Q & A Session – 06April2019

Note: The video gets a bit fuzzy around 37 minutes into it, so I also provided an audio-only option.
See bottom of page for topic time stamps.

Receive and Transmit Q & A Session

The Self-Healing Work You Do Also Heals the World

Thank You for Doing this Work

This impromptu Q & A webinar was recorded on 06 April 2019. It’s part of the new work that I’m bringing through, called the Receive and Transmit Sessions. Energy is not limited by time, so the healing work is present no matter when you come to it.

These are my perceptions and not the only way to view these topics or work with these energies. Trust your own knowing and truth, enjoy what resonates with you, and release the rest.

How I share what comes through in these sessions is a reflection of the group on the call. The intent is to provide the energy work and guidance that supports everyone for where they are in the moment.

Here are the brief highlights: For the first 15 minutes I share a bit of what I’m experiencing with the intensity of the times and how I perceive the opportunities that we have to work with these energies right now. These shifts in perspective can help you create more self-trust, inner-peace, and healing now, and give you ways to reconnect to your inner-peace going forward.

The energy field created in this session is a very nurturing and supportive transmission of guidance and energies to activate your self-healing and intuition.

During the Q & A portion I answered the following questions:

  • How do I know what my purpose is? (15:00)
  • How do I cultivate trust in my intuition? (19:48)
  • How do I release fear and remember how to be brave? (29:42)
  • Why the sound of our own voice is so powerful and healing? (42:54)
  • What do I mean by Spirit Team and how do I connect with mine? (49:07)

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