Top Tips for Better Sleep

This is a bare-bones resource to help you sleep better AND up-level your self-healing and multidimensional dreamtime experiences. A bonus perk is that these will also help you engage in the world more attuned to your own vibration and intuition.

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How to Channel Written Guidance

One of the best ways I get guidance is to have a Spirit Team meeting. I call in the specialist guides that are signed up to support me in a certain area of life and I do a channeled writing Q&A session.

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Healing and Clearing Audio Session

Angela Rider - Healing and Clearing Sessions

I was inspired to revisit a clearing and healing session that I gave to a friend this past summer. She felt that this mini-session helped her and her family so much that she had suggested months ago that I should share it on my site.

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Small Steps – Create Change

Angela Rider - Small Steps to Create Change

Whether you’re feeling your Manifestation Mojo or are feeling too overwhelmed to think about what day it is, the easiest way to create change and get some Good-Vibes going is to build it into whatever you’re already doing anyway.

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Drawing a Blank – Angel Card

Angela Rider - Blank Angel Card

When I’m struggling to get clarity on a situation, I draw a card and use that word as a starting point. Many people don’t like drawing the blank card. It can be interpreted as guidance to be open to whatever word or thought that percolates or pops up. Sometimes I take it as “permission” to get out of my head for awhile.

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