Angela has helped me and my children through some incredibly challenging times

Angela has helped me see that no matter how strong we may think we are, there is always some spirit that is holding us up, giving us that strength, sometimes yelling at us to move on and let something go and start healing.

I know there is something out there bigger than all of us. Angela has helped me see this. Thank goodness she has opened up and accepted this amazing gift and has in turn, given her gift to help others like myself and my children. I can honestly say I don’t know where we would be without her.

In one session she told me to get out! Do what I needed to do, it was toxic. Well, I did not take her advice. I thought if I tried to stay positive and accommodate the issues, it would be fine. What a mistake in not heeding her advice. I spent another 6 months in the situation, but when I finally gave it up and walked away, the weight that was lifted from me was liberating! I will never not listen again.

We all think we have control over our lives, situations, outcomes—lets face it, we don’t. The cynics can say whatever they want, in this day and age, I am going to take all the help I can get for myself and my children. I will continue to consult with my friend Angela, always.

Kaymie V.
Los Angeles, California