I feel guided, blessed, and more trusting of myself

As an empath and a highly sensitive person, I was mired in others’ energy to the point where I was taking it on as my own and then reacting to it. Angela taught me how to clear — almost instantaneously — this extraneous energy for myself and for my space, and she coached me on multiple methods of grounding and self-protection.

She helped me to clear a number of blockages that I had unconsciously established for myself. The work done by Angela in connection with the spirit world was perfectly arranged for me; perfectly timed for my development; and perfectly in tune with my needs, desires, and talents.

I feel more aware, more in tune with my surroundings, and more confident in myself and in my approach to life. I feel guided, blessed, and more trusting of myself, my life path, and the universe since working with Angela. The types of results that I experienced are, in my eyes, truly priceless.

Thank you, Angela!

Portland, Oregon