Top Tips for Better Sleep

How Can We Sleep at a Time Like This?

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From pills to pillows, we’re in a world struggling to meet even the 3-D needs of our physical bodies.

As a highly sensitive person, you may be experiencing more fatigue and discomfort as well as increased sleep disruptions.

A lot of your Soul/Spirit work and multidimensional up-leveling occurs during dreamtime. This activity is increasing and you need sleep to integrate what you’re receiving from your Self and your Spirit Team.

You can learn to define and tune your own energy field to discern what is and isn’t yours to process, heal, and experience. This inner calibration will help you whether awake or asleep so you’ll be less affected by everyone else’s energy.

You can adapt these practices for more restorative sleep cycles and improve your intuition, self-healing, and inner-peace.

Two days after I channeled this for you, I found this National Geographic article which discusses a lot of what I mentioned about light in the video. I highly recommend reading this article.

Top Tips for Better Sleep

Note: This information isn’t intended nor is it to be used as a substitute for medical advice diagnosis or treatment. Please seek the care of a qualified healthcare provider.

Video Outline:

This resource will help you sleep better AND up-level your self-healing and multidimensional dreamtime experiences. A bonus perk is that these will also help you engage in the world more attuned to your own vibration and intuition.

The videos are infused with an energetic transmission to calibrate your “sleep center”.

I’ve broken the longer channeled version into shorter segments for you below.


1. Electronics and Media Consumption

Keep computers, phones, tablets, TV, and wifi-routers away from your head and ideally out of your bedroom – especially don’t charge your phone near you. Disengage with the Collective bad news and energies an hour before you go to bed. You need clear space while you sleep to better process your own emotions and energies.

2. Light

Light pollution from streetlights, electronic devices, clocks, and nightlights, etc. all contribute to the breakdown of sleep cycles, taxes your circadian rhythm, and wreaks havoc on your pineal gland. Reduce your light exposure by making your room as dark as possible and use eye blinders or even a t-shirt to cover your eyes.

3. Routine/Ritual

Create a routine to get ready for bed starting one hour before your sleep-time. This trains your body, brain, and nervous system that it’s time to sleep. Use time management to create a routine that allows time for self-care and sleep. You’ll need to be in bed and ready for sleep about eight hours earlier than the time you need to get up in the morning.

4. Use Your Imagination

Train your mind towards self-care and self-awareness instead of worry and fear. The focus is to clear your inner and outer energy fields, calm your nervous system, and recalibrate your ability to tune-in to your own energy. I share an easy “Squeegee / Fluffy Kitten” practice that you can adopt.

5. Set Your Intentions

While you’re falling asleep, ask your Self and your Spirit Team to help you maintain your own clear energy field while you sleep and that all soul and energy work done during your sleep time is for your benefit. Request that your time be spent for restoring your body mind and soul, and not processing energy or emotions for your partner, family members, or the collective, etc.

Wrap Up