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You are a Sacred Site - Angela Rider

You are invited to be a sacred site.

As our physical mobility has been restricted due to the pandemic and political conflicts, it’s become important for each of us to become a sacred site of receiving, integration, and transmission of the healing energy and coded information coming from the Earth and the Cosmos.

Although there are some among us that carry and transmit specific codes received from sites around the world, it’s become vital that each of us be open and willing to integrate and transmit what we’re receiving where we are. 

You don’t have to be “special” or an energy-light-worker-starseed to do this work.

Just be willing to receive and transmit where you are.

Anyone can do this, and Everyone is needed.

Although I didn’t mention it in the video, a quick and easy way to receive and transmit is to:

  • Spend 5-minutes connecting with a plant, indoors or outside
  • Imagine yourself receiving an energy transmission of love and beauty from the plant
  • Then visualize that energy flowing out in all directions from your heart center

Much love,



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