Mini Sessions and Prayer Requests

Available by Donation

Need some quick support?

My intent is to provide you, right now, with an affordable way to get quick guidance, a dose of supportive energy, and tune up your connection to your own inner-Knowing. I’m also including an option for clearing and healing prayers for you or a loved one.

For years I’ve gifted offline recorded sessions and prayers to my family and close friends that have asked for support. I’ve recorded channeled prayers and helpful guidance and healing transmissions for everything from relationships, health, and work, to clearing people and places of funky energy and even “ghosts”. I’ve also provided beautiful sessions for personal and family support of transitioning loved ones.

Recently, I offered a version of these offline sessions as a 5-minute gift in a newsletter. I did 32 of them in one weekend and received a lot of positive feedback. I was guided to offer these mini sessions to all of you, available through your Spirit-led donations.

An offline session is done without meeting together on an appointment call. This allows me to focus on your request and go more deeply into the connection with your Higher Self Consciousness and Spirit Team. Each mini-session or prayer is approximately 10-15 minutes.

Once you’ve completed the request form and donation, I’ll set a time within 48-hours to record your session. I’ll start with the invocation, read your request out loud, and connect with your Spirit Team to provide the energy transmission and guidance. You’ll then receive a link to your session via email.

Whether you listen to the session once or several times, you’ll continue to receive a transmission of supportive energy from your Spirit Team that builds over time.

How to Request:

Please fill out the session request form below and complete a donation that feels led by your Spirit. 

Once I’ve received your request and donation, I’ll record your session or prayer within 48 hours and then send you a link to listen to or download your session.

Much love and blessings,

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Let's keep it simple and easy for both of us.
About once a month I'll share updates, offers, insights, or perks.

Let's keep it simple and easy for both of us. About once a month I'll share updates, offers, insights, or perks.

Check your email to confirm and to receive your gift.