Psychic Potpourri

This is like a “secret menu” item for those of you that have been through my mentorship program or worked with me in the past for my way-out woo-woo-sphere of psychic consults and energy work. I’m still available for you. Purchase a Clarity Session and enter a note of what you’d like to work on.

If you’re new to me and were recommended to work with me for something you don’t see described in a Clarity Session, contact me to discuss what you’d like to work on before you purchase a Clarity Session.

More About the Clarity Sessions

Phone / Zoom / Skype Sessions are the Best for You

I rarely do in-person sessions anymore because the work is so intensive – on many levels. It’s better for you not to travel after a session so you have time to process all the insights along with the energy, emotions, and activations. After a session, it’s a great time to connect more deeply with your Spirit and intuition. Use that time to work with your guides and write from your Spirit and Intuition about any additional insights that are coming through for you.  Read How to Set Yourself Up for a Great Reading.

Energy Work

Your guides and helper beings are at work to clear blocks and activate your intuition and healing energy throughout the session. The energy work integration continues after the session can be felt most strongly for 24-48 hours afterward. Drink plenty of filtered water to help the integration process. It’s also a great time to reinforce the connection with your Spirit and your guides, so call on them to help you take action.

What are the differences in the Clarity Sessions?

30 Minute Session

These sessions are best for when you feel you’re mostly on track in life but could use a quick tune-up or some clarity for one or two quesions. I’ll connect you with the most relevant insight and potential outcomes, provide useable guidance for the next steps, and all the while that you’re in session, you’ll receive an intuition activation and energy clearing boost.

60 Minute Session

These sessions are a powerful way to work with your Spirit and guides to receive deep soul-level messages, reconnect to your intuition, and activate your own healing. There’s also more time for in-depth discussion, psychic perceptions, and guidance.  Along with the activations, you’ll receive more clearing and integration support too.

The sessions can be used to answer questions about a specific topic or reveal your soul-path priorities and clear blocks. It’s a transformative experience that moves you out of confusion and into clarity.

Three 60 Minute Session Series

Every session is complete in and of itself although, a series of sessions allows for deeper clearing, healing, and support for integration. Additional sessions may also include training for intuition and clearing practices to do on your own. Book your first session and we will schedule the other sessions afterward.

Other stuff to know

Session Recording

I offer to record your session so you can be fully present and not distracted by taking notes. Recordings contain much of the same energy that was present during the session. You may want to listen to the session again to help with the integration and to review the guidance provided.

Should it ever happen that there’s a failure with a recording, trust that you received what you needed during the session and listening to it again isn’t necessary. That said, you’re welcome to take notes and record on your own device to ensure you get what you need.

Cancellation Policy

All appointments must be paid for prior to your appointment.

A full refund will be given or you may reschedule (one time only) provided you cancel at least 1-hour in advance of your scheduled appointment time. A fee of $25 will apply to any appointments canceled less than 1-hour prior to your scheduled time.

If I need to cancel an appointment, I’ll provide you with as much notice as possible. You’ll be entitled to a complete refund or you may reschedule your appointment.