Hi, I'm Angela

I live and work in beautiful and famously weird Portland, Oregon. It’s a great place to explore and express the diversity of my interests, talents, and skills.

One of my favorite things to do is take meandering walks around town and snap photos of flowers and outdoor artwork in different neighborhoods and post them as a social media palate cleanser.

All the flower and nature pictures on my website are ones I took with my phone. So much beauty in this world! You can check out my posts on Instagram.

Angela Rider with blue shirt

The Invitation and Journey​

I didn’t come by this work by accident, and I didn’t project plan it either. When I decided to leave my medical science career, I let my Spirit Team know that I was open to whatever would serve the highest good for others and for me.

I’ve always had strong intuition, psychic sensing, and natural-healing energy that I shared with close family and friends, but I didn’t expect the invitation back from my Spirit Team was going to be for me to develop and share my psychic abilities publicly with others.

When I first started offering sessions, I had intensive training to develop and maintain a clear channel and psychic boundaries. I also studied and privately practiced an energetic healing modality. This practice helped me become more aware of my energy and in turn, refine my perception of multidimensional energies and those that flow to and through me when working with others. This energetic flow is a specific transmission for you in partnership with our Spirit Teams. You can read more about the energy-work in the FAQs.

Over the past 11 years and 1600 plus client sessions on this journey, I continue to learn and am invited to show up in a greater capacity for myself and others, and evolve what I offer.

I’m dedicated to being a clear channel of energy and guidance for myself and clients on our soul-journeys. I appreciate you being here and I look forward to growing with you.

Angela Rider sitting on red chair


Angela has helped me up level my awareness tremendously. I am comforted knowing I have her as a resource when I have trouble deciphering the lessons and unfoldings of life. 


She is tuned in and has a way of inspiring like no one else. She genuinely cares. She just gets it. I always leave my sessions with a big smile and feelings of lightness and love.


Angela is a very gifted intuitive guide & practitioner. I have discovered that working with her is not only always a beneficial experience, but it’s also a joy.


She tunes in to where you are on your path to cipher out what's most relevant and beneficial to your growth, and communicates in a clear, non-judgmental way. She aims to wake her clients up to their unique brilliance by helping them to empower themselves.

Michelle W.