As an Intuitive Guide and Energy Midwife, I connect you to your best source of guidance, YOU!

As an Intuitive Guide and Energy Midwife, I connect you to your best source of guidance, YOU!

Angela Rider - Intuitive Guide and Energy Midwife

Hi, I'm Angela

I live and work in beautiful and famously weird Portland, Oregon. It’s a great place to explore and express the diversity of my interests, talents, and skills.

One of my favorite things to do is take meandering walks around town and snap photos of flowers and outdoor artwork in different neighborhoods. All the flower and nature pictures on my website are ones I took with my phone. So much beauty in this world! (Check out my Instagram at the bottom of the page.)

Portland is also a city that has intriguing ley-lines and energy patterns, wily portal activity, and unique woo-woo potential that makes it a lively home to a thriving community of potent psychics, mystics, and energy workers, to name a few.

When I moved here in 2010, all of this was waiting for me to discover and explore.

The Invitation and Journey

I didn’t come by this Intuitive Guide and Energy Midwife work by accident, and I didn’t project plan it either. When I decided to leave my medical science career, I put a prayer out to the Universe that I was open to whatever was aligned to serve the highest good.

I’ve always had strong intuition, psychic sensing, and natural-healing energy that I shared with close family and friends, but I didn’t expect the invitation back from the Universe was going to be for me to develop and share my psychic gifts publicly with others. 

Years ago, I became a Reiki Master about the same time I started to work more multidimensionally and with a heavenly host of beautiful beings I call my Spirit Team. It feels like Reiki is the “galactic lubricant” that’s included in all the energy work and special attunements I do. 

The Spirit Team members continue to grow and who shows up in a Clarity Session will vary depending on what’s needed. Your Spirit Team shows up Too! So we may work with Light Beings, Teachers, Angels and Archangels, Ancestors, Guides, Healers, Ascended Masters, Galactic Shaman and other Benevolent Beings during a session.  

Over the past 6 years and a 1000 plus client sessions on this journey, I continue to learn and am invited to show up in a greater capacity for myself and others, and evolve what I offer.

I’m dedicated to being a clear channel of energy and guidance for myself and clients on our soul-journeys. I appreciate you being here and look forward to growing with you.

Angela Rider - Flower Venus
Angela Rider - Flowers echinacea

The Work

I offer the session work to help you connect more deeply and clearly with your intuition for your own soul’s evolutionary journey.

The more clearly you’re connected, the more you’re able to discern when you’re taking in emotions, energy, or thoughts that aren’t your own.

It then becomes easier to release the energy influence of negative self-talk, fear reactions, family and social conditioning, and mass-media influence.

You’ll feel better and you can more easily make choices and take actions aligned to create a life you love.

My work is to deliver more of YOU to you.

You have your own path and the free will to decide how you use it.

Much love,