Intuitive Guide & Energy Midwife

Clarity Sessions

Get answers. Take action.
Create a life you love.

Intuitive Guide &
Energy Midwife

Clarity Sessions

Get answers.
Take action.
Create a life
you love.

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Welcome to the Clarity Sessions

Welcome to the Clarity Sessions

You don’t have to try harder, do more, or fix yourself.

Actually, you can’t do your life wrong- but you can do it better, easier, and more fulfilling. 

You just need some clarity. 

Because when you’re clear about your soul-path, you can make choices more easily and quickly, and that frees up your time, energy, and resources. 

Soul Path Clarity Sessions connect you to your best source of guidance, YOU.

These sessions are a powerful way to work with your Spirit and guides to receive soul-level messages, reconnect to your intuition, and activate your own healing. 

You can use the time to get answers about a specific topic or reveal your soul-path priorities and clear blocks. It’s a transformative experience that moves you out of confusion and into clarity.

When you’re connected to your intuition and have clarity about the next steps to take, it’s easier to focus your attention and resources to create a life you love.

Psychic Potpourri Clarity Sessions support your multidimensional growth.

You’re on a soul-journey. Growing your soul is your purpose. These sessions are for the multidimensional work I do as an esoteric channel and Energy Midwife. 

Tune Up Sessions:

The sessions provide a supportive boost when you’re feeling stuck and want a breakthrough or when you’re ready for a multidimensional clearing and an up-level.

Deep Sessions:

These sessions are best suited for those that are engaged in psychic, mystical, and esoteric multidimensional practices and mystical studies. 

Ready to turn confusion into clarity?
Get answers. Take action. Create a life you love.

30 Minute Session

$ 97

60 Minute Session

$ 177

Three 60 Minute Sessions

$ 447

Learn more about the Clarity Sessions

Forgivess video by Angela Rider

Forgiveness as a Gateway to Freedom

This is a short share about the night I spent in dream-time working with souls seeking to be set free through forgiveness. On a soul-level, everyone deserves forgiveness. You don’t have to personally forgive anyone unless you want to, but you can contribute to dissolving the funky energy for yourself and the collective through a simple, powerful prayer and blessing for yourself and others.

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Receive and Transmit by Angela Rider

Receive and Transmit Q & A Session – 06April2019

Enjoy this opportunity to receive an energy transmission that activates your self-healing and intuition while you learn about your Soul Purpose, How to Trust Your Intuition and Release Fear, and how to connect and work with your Spirit Team, and also discover the most powerful healing energy you already have.

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Clear your Family Karma by Angela Rider

Clear Your Family Karma

Feel like you inherited family karma and you’re stuck processing a lot of energy and emotions that aren’t yours? You can learn how to ease the load, create more inner-peace, and activate healing for yourself, your past-lives, and your Ancestors. Thank you for doing this work because it helps us all. And the World can really use the support.

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