Energy Work

Your Spirit Team works to clear blocks and activate your intuition and healing energy throughout the session. There’s also a multidimensional component that comes through between or around the words and guidance given. This component can be the strongest energetic transmission of a session, and it sometimes creates a slower or faster cadence in my ability to speak.

The energy work integration continues after the session and can be felt most strongly for 24-48 hours afterward. Drink plenty of water to help the integration process. It’s also a great time to reinforce the connection with your Spirit Team and your guides, so call on them to help you take action.

All energy work is supportive, and you always have your own authority to receive any energy work or not. Because I act as a channel of healing and connection with you and your Spirit Team, a session with me is inherently also a transmission of energy work.

During the Session, you may feel different sensations, emotional releases, or nothing at all. Most people are aware of the energy movements in some way. Some experience it as a focused energy at a point in the body, or tingling or popping sensations, temperature changes, or like waves. Many people describe a weight of anxiety or sadness leaving their body and they become grounded and feel more present and calmer.

Whether you listen to the session once or several times, you’ll continue to receive a transmission of supportive energy from your Spirit Team that builds over time.