Session Recording

Note: Any session recordings whether provided by me or recorded on your own device, are for personal use only and you agree to not share or distribute them in any form.

I offer to record your session so you can be fully present and not distracted by taking notes. Recordings contain the same energy that was present during the session and may build on subsequent listens. You may want to listen to the session again to help with the integration and to review the guidance provided.

Should it ever happen that there’s a failure with a recording, trust that you received what you needed during the session and listening to it again isn’t necessary. That said, you’re welcome to take notes and record on your own device to ensure you get what you need.

Only audio recordings will be provided and the link to download them will be active for 30 days after your session where they will then be deleted from all sources. All video generated from Zoom sessions is deleted immediately once the audio recording is sent to you.