What’s a Spirit Team

I use the inclusive term “Spirit Team” because there are several types of benevolent beings that show up depending on what’s happening in a session. We call on all those who would be present in unconditional love and support which includes our guides, healers, teachers, ancestors, archangels, and any helpers and light-being specialists.

When I’m connecting with your Spirit Team members, they’re usually amorphous energies and don’t take on body images, names, or identities unless it’s necessary to provide context for the guidance and energy work. Sometimes planets will show up and just announce themselves when they want to point out something that’s part of a cycle or to give context to a time period.

My experience is that the Spirit Team members don’t have a personal need to be identified but will take on attributes when it’ll help you connect to receive guidance and support. So there are times in a session where I may mention visions I see, bodily feelings I sense, and types of guides, angels, teachers, healers, light-beings, planets, or even loved ones, and attribute their guidance to them in that form.

That’s my experience and it may be that I’ve come up with it in order to organize and not be overwhelmed by all the available members in the spirit realm. I prefer to set up a safe session container (no riff-raff zone) and then receive the guidance from the Spirit Team more like an orb of energy. It’s the same way I interact with them outside of sessions. I call on them and ask for the help, support, or guidance I need from the specialists on the Team and I thank them collectively. “Thanks Team!”