Angela = Awareness = Personal Power

— Jetta

The first time I worked with Angela, I had no real expectations and was just generally curious about her service. I did not ask anything specific, but to my surprise, my reading spoke very specifically about what I was experiencing at that time. Somehow Angela knew!! In the years following, I have reached out to her with more specificity. One time I called and wanted to tell her about where I was stuck, and she told me where, why and how before I could even get it out.

My personal needs have changed with each session, but the clarification that she has provided for me is consistent. I left each session with increased transparency about what I am doing or thinking to create what is my reality. Somehow Angela knows! Angela provides information, and from there, consequences and options became available, discussable and sometimes obvious to me. Every reading I’ve had with Angela initially makes me feel silly as she states what is so evident about me. I think, “I knew that—but not really I guess.” It’s almost like looking in a mirror. An intangible mirror.

I have experienced many things after my sessions with Angela. One time I just decided to stop doing the thing that caused me the most pain. (Seems obvious right?) The most common take away for me has been recognizing my own patterns and potentials. It gives me the ability to manage them versus them managing me. Angela = Awareness = Personal Power.

I have recommended Angela to many people and everyone has been beyond grateful to receive her services.