I felt a huge wave of warmth and a blanket of peace, love, and light.

— Rebecca

I am grateful to have connected with Angela. I experienced a session with her, after which I felt calm and at peace — a feeling which is a rarity for me. As she was clearing, I felt a huge wave of warmth and a blanket of peace, love, and light being gently wrapped around me.

I have done a lot of inner spiritual work, and I truly believe that we connect with those at the right time for the right purpose. Angela is one of those rare individuals with impeccable timing, who graces people’s lives at each natural point on their journey. I’ve enjoyed a few sessions with her, where I’ve felt completely safe and nurtured, as I’ve been healing and peeling back the layers my mind created in order to protect me from seeing past trauma. I must have been ready because today’s consult resulted in a huge healing epiphany for me.

After our session, I feel a lightness of being like no other. The experience was mind-blowing both literally and figuratively, as she helped me clear a path to a higher consciousness of being that is creating more beautiful space for bringing in love and light into my life. I am so looking forward to our next session together. xo