I am forever grateful that Spirit guided me to her.

— Suzy

With her buoyant energy and benevolent sense of generosity, Angela communicated a truth… before we even worked together… that few had shared with me: that I didn’t need to do or be anything. That I was right on time. That healing didn’t have to be this Holy Grail achievement, unlocked only after endless struggle and sacrifice. That all the answers I needed to grow and heal were within me and always have been – an endless wellspring to draw on as needed. That was my “light in the mineshaft” moment.

Having worked with Angela for close to a year, I have been able to feel a Spirit and connection within myself moving that has been missing since early childhood. A fluid vitality, growing sense of curiosity, and instant familiarity in relation to the guideposts of our cosmic oneness. But she has done more than just plugging back in this Brave Little Toaster. The last ten months have seen Angela patiently teaching me how to engage my Spirit team to help me gently, carefully, and lovingly strip away the layers of conditioning, constructs, ideologies, and scaffolding that have obscured my soul’s true nature.

As well as demonstrating the deep wisdom to know when to refer me to other healers, teachers and facilitators for additional direction. I am forever grateful that Spirit guided me to her and the profoundly consciousness-shifting soul transmissions that are channeled through her compassionate and clear vessel.