Astrology Transits or Pre-Life Soul Plan?

It’s a Synergistic Mix

Since our solar system is in orbit, we’ll always have astrological transits and eclipse cycles. Life is a synergistic mix of complex interactions. How any transit may influence you, mostly depends on your own natal chart, your choices up to now, and your pre-life soul plan.

I love astrology. It’s given me a lot of context and compassion to understand myself and others. On a practical level, I mostly use it to look at which areas of my life are highlighted during the year. Knowing the highlighted areas helps me when I have a choice in timing for something I want to do and gives me context for what may come up for me during the year.

If you notice what’s being said about a transit in social media, there’ll be collective transits that seem to play out on a more global theme, and transits that point to where (depending on your natal chart astrology) they may have an effect on you.

Your natal astrology chart can give clues to what your pre-life soul plan themes might be and why certain transits may highlight those themes. Most of us have a few ideas about what we’re here to explore and experience because we recognize repeating patterns, or we can see what we’re drawn to or what we’re good at.

Most times, nothing of note will happen for you during a transit. But sometimes it will. And that’s not the transit’s fault.

Correlation Doesn’t Imply Causation

I don’t want to minimize that there may be life-changing events or revelations that coincide with eclipses and other transits. I just want to point out that although there may be correlation, it does not imply causation. The planetary movements do not cause the events, but they do bring the energy of influence that makes some things more likely to happen or be revealed around the time they occur.

Pop-astrology/spirituality often makes it feel like we must ward-off bad stuff from happening for some transits and that we should hustle to get what we want during the good ones. This makes it seem like the astrology is happening to us and that we can somehow suck up to the planets to create different outcomes.

What’s more helpful is to consider what a transit or event may highlight for you and then connect with your inner-guidance. If there’s something that you need to know (or that you’re ignoring), it’s a good time to reflect on what choices you can make before or if something does happen.

Pre-life Soul Plan Perspective

I’m not a fatalist. We get a lot of free will choice and opportunities to “choose your own adventure” in the reincarnation process. The focus of this perspective is that we have a soul plan for our life and we have a lot of help with it.

Part of the pre-life planning we do is to choose what major themes we want to explore and learn about when we come back. We each have a soul-group where the members agree to help each other achieve these goals. For sure, family members and significant relationships are mostly members of our soul group, but there’ll also be many minor or unknown players that have a role too.

We make a pre-life plan for some events and experiences to help us with our soul plan. Since these are important to our theme goals, we also have some backup or alternative options in case we override our inner-guidance or when others may not fulfill their pre-life planning agreements with us.

The experience of living means we have free will choice and Higher Self-directed agency along with the pre-life planned events. There may only be a few big events that we pre-plan that help activate a theme, but there are many other events, interactions, and opportunities for choices that lead up to and after an event.

Pre-planned events may include ones that we perceive as painful and bad, and ones we view as positive and welcomed. They may also be simple choices that seemed inconsequential at the time. And some life changing events aren’t part of your pre-life plan but are the effects of your freewill choice or someone else’s.

The Self-directed part of our life is where our Higher-Self and Spirit Team helps guide us. I see the Higher-Self as the expanded part of our soul that stays connected to us but operates through the 4th/5th dimensions. It’s the part of us that knows all of our previous incarnations as well as our plans for this incarnation. Our Higher Self and Spirit Team are extended parts of us that support our pre-life plan and guide us through our intuition, psychic senses, dreams, signs, and synchronicities, etc. Whether we listen and go with the “plan” is another matter.

Everything happens. Period.

We’re conditioned to want to make meaning out of everything. We want to know that our suffering serves a purpose or that whatever happened was for a reason. We want to believe that all our successes are because we made the right choices. It’s why we find it easier to blame an astrological transit or a divine plan rather than take any responsibility or credit, or try to make sense out of our life.

Sometimes we can trace our choices backwards to understand how we got here; good or bad. And sometimes we can’t. Things happen. We can choose to make meaning or make use of our experiences, but we’re not obligated to. So, when someone drops the “Everything Happens for a Reason” on you when you’re suffering, you don’t owe them or anyone a “making lemonade” reason for your life. You get to decide how you respond and the choices you make, or whether to make meaning or not.

Pop-culture spirituality would have us reflect as though we’re always the cause of our suffering. There’s a premise that when bad shit happens it’s because we chose this life or that it’s our wakeup call because we weren’t co-creating with the universe in a high-vibe way. It’s a view that doesn’t acknowledge we each have a soul plan. There’s also systemic privilege and ableism that only works for a few. Not all people have access to support, resources, or safety that affords them the same choices or experiences that are broadcast as “the way to do your life”.

Sometimes We Know. Sometimes We Don’t.

My experience and what I see for clients is, that for the most part, we have an inner-knowing about what’s brewing under the surface that we need to address.

These are the things that are part of a pattern or theme that we’d be upset by, or fearful about if they blew-up or were revealed; but deep down, we wouldn’t be surprised. These are the things we could’ve done something about or influenced the outcome if we acted on them previously. These are the things we have the inner-knowing about but we’ve avoided, ignored, or postponed working on them because we’re afraid and don’t trust we can get through them. They are the hard things because they’re complicated and require ongoing support to help us through all the other tough choices and actions that may come after that first choice.

This inner-knowing can also be about things we want but we don’t give ourselves permission to make a change. We feel like we don’t deserve it or that it’s wrong to change our minds and want something different. So sometimes, it’s easier to let things blow up because then we have to take action even though it’s a reaction. (And hey, if it helps to blame it on a transit, an eclipse, or Mercury, that’s ok too. 😏)

And then there are things that happen where there’s nothing you could’ve done to prevent it. Whether these are due to someone else’s freewill, an unknowable chain of events, or the activation of a pre-life plan; you probably won’t see these things coming. At the most, you may eventually make some meaning in retrospect, but you may also never understand the why.

You’re Guided. Period.

A lot of things in life happen without being able to see a clear connect-the-dots reason. When we live with some reflection on how we’re moved in life whether by inner-guidance, societal conditioning, or reacting to others and events, sometimes we can understand, appreciate, or make meaning out of things later or see how our decisions or choices led us to where we are now. There’ll also be times where it’s just a big “WTF happened?!” without any understanding, resolution or justice.

Planetary transit influences may often coincide with life-changing events for us or the collective, but they do not cause the events. A lot of things happen without a clearly associated transit to blame them on. That’s life, and pre-life planning.

Whatever transit, eclipse, or celestial event that is happening right now, you can just work with what shows up. Or you can also look at patterns or the things that are on the back burner and see what choices and changes you’re ready to make.

And here are some reminders:

  • It’s OK to be upset, disappointed, or have grief about what comes up. And you don’t have to hurry through your emotional experience even when you need to take immediate action.
  • It’s also OK to be excited, celebrate, create, and enjoy your life. You don’t have to feel guilty or diminish yourself. When you have privilege, instead of feeling guilty, look for how you can steward it to help others.

More importantly, you don’t have to follow astrology. You’re guided through life whether you know what a transit is or what it could mean. You can connect to your inner-knowing and Higher-Self guidance to help you make choices and take action without knowing if it’s “in the stars”.

How to Take Your Next Steps

When you have struggles or goals that you need to address, instead of trying to figure it out and worrying that you have to be exactly right, just take the next best step for you.

  • What’s happening in your life and what’s “true” for you right now?
  • Ask your Spirit Team to help you.
  • Identify the easiest next best step that you can take.
  • Find the support to get clarity or to help you take that step.
  • Let the experience of that step inform you.

That one step, no matter how small, provides a change in your perspective so you can then see what your next step will be.

Here are some helpful options for Clarity Sessions to receive supportive guidance from your Spirit Team.

Much love,


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