The “Truth” about Manifestation

Sometimes you’re hot and sometimes you’re not.

When You’re Hot

Sometimes, it’s your time to shine. You know it. You feel it. And you’re moved to take action, create, and put yourself out to connect with others. These are the times that feel like you have more energy, focus, and support to take steps toward the changes and creations you want to experience. Enjoy the boost and flow!

When You’re Not

Other times (and it can be for really long periods), you may feel the urge or inspiration to do something, and either you don’t know what to do or you just can’t rally to do anything. These times are frustrating because that sense of inspiration without action can turn into anxiety that then feels like you’re missing out. From there, it’s easy to get into a cycle of compare and despair as you scroll through social media or move through life. But these times are important too.

This Not-Hot cycle is for when the doing is internal. It’s an invitation to look for clarity and requires time to rest, contemplate, assess, and find your truth. It’s a journey to discern what you truly want vs what you think you want because of what everyone else is doing. It’s not that you can’t create during these times, but what I see for myself and clients is that when we try to push ourselves when it’s not our time or our thing, it can be confusing, disheartening, and draining.

And that’s why I don’t talk much about “Manifestation”

This is going to be a bit controversial and I wish I had the band-width for a deeper dive on this post, but I’m going to start with this: There’s too much fear of missing out (FOMO) and push to manifest or do things around new and full moons, end of the year and New Year, season changes, eclipses, etc.

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to creating what we want in life. The ease or difficulty we have when we want to create or manifest, needs to have context. I believe we can have some magic, delight, and ease in our creations AND we also need to consider that our privileges and resources, astrological make-up and timing, soul-path, conditioning, and all our prior and future choices bring us to what is possible to create.

The rhetoric of popular manifestation trends is based on the premise that if you set your intentions and do the all the right rituals, alignments, and quantum-whatever, that you’ll eventually get or create what you desire. And because it’s a capitalistic consumer-driven ableist system with plenty of snazzy targeted marketing, it’s easy to feel like you too, can do “These 5 Steps to Getting Anything You Want”. The problem with that kind of program is that if you don’t get what you want, then you think you must not have high-vibed yourself enough or you did something wrong.

And yet, sometimes those things work. In my experience though, it seems to work mostly for those who are already following their inner-guidance and timing and have some clarity about what is already “true” for them to create. The programs give them some steps that may assist in organizing their plans, steps, and energy. So manifestation programs are going to appear to work for some people, some times, but it’s because they’re already following their intuition, they have clarity and are focusing their attention, asking for help, and taking steps towards creating what they want.

The memes-of-manifestation also often promote a theory that you’re responsible for manifesting all the bad shit that has happened to you. Ugh. Let’s not do that. We do create crappy experiences through our choices and actions but these are the ones we can follow the trail back, see it, and learn from it. AND then there’s all the shitty stuff that happens that is out of your control. You did not “manifest” this stuff. You are Not responsible for that shit. What you are responsible for is how you respond and what you do with the experience.

Clarity Comes From Engagement

Whether you’re currently hot or not, having clarity will help you.

Basic needs for living and comfort are important and when this is your focus, that is part of your current clarity. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have other goals, wants, and desires, but it does give you the direction for your attention and next steps.

Examine your wants, desires, and expectations and look for what is “true” for you and discern what is a conditioned belief or response to a consumer-driven, hustle-grind culture, and influencer-induced comparative narrative. Focus on the simplest, truest vision that you have now and let that clarity inform you for your next step.

As always, if you have struggles or goals that you need to address, instead of trying to figure it out and worrying that you have to be exactly right, just take the next best step for you.

  • Assess what’s “true” for you right now.
  • Identify the easiest next best-step that you can take.
  • Find the support to get clarity or help you take that step. 
  • Let the experience of that step inform you.
  • That one step, no matter how small, provides a change in your perspective and energy so you can then see what and when your next step will be.

May you enjoy yourself and find the clarity and support you need to take the next best-step for you. Here are some helpful options for Clarity Sessions to receive supportive guidance and energy work.

Much love,


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