How to Channel Written Guidance

Spirit Team Meeting

Spirit Team Meetings and How to Channel Written Guidance

One of the best ways I get guidance is to have a Spirit Team Meeting. I call in the specialist guides that are signed up to support me in a certain area of life and I do a channeled writing Q&A session.

Most people think that they can’t tune-in to their inner-guidance or connect with their Spirit Team of Helpers (Angels/Teachers/Healers/Guides, etc.) without some heavy-duty rituals or elaborate practices.

The truth is, we’re always getting guidance and sometimes it slips through the mental noise. It’s those times when something pops-in and we just KNOW the right thing to say or do. It’s not something that comes through the mind and thinking, it’s your inner-guidance and intuition coming through.

About Channeling:

There are many ways to channel guidance and it’s something you can learn to do for yourself. The type of channeling I do in client sessions as well as what I’m going to share with you here, isn’t anything about some “Being” taking you over and telling you what to do. It’s like a form of a prayer to your Spirit Team and Higher-Self Consciousness to help you better hear and receive the support you need to create a life you love.

You can ask for help to hear that inner-guidance and get clear messages from those that are always standing by to assist you – including your Higher-Self.

Always consider any guidance an INVITATION to implement. You always have free will to use the guidance or not.

Set Up for a Spirit Team Meeting:

  • Decide what kind of guidance you’d like to receive. It’s best to only do one or two questions at a time and focus on one area of your life. Ex. Business, Relationships, Family, Money, Health, etc.
  • Say a prayer or invocation to call on your Higher-Self / Spirit and those specific Spirit Team guides to help you.
  • Take a couple of deep breaths in and out. Place your hand on your heart space to direct your attention out of your head and into your body.
  • Make your questions about you, not about someone else’s behavior or their needs. Focus on what is best for you to know, see, and do.
  • Write out the question on a sheet of paper or journal page and then without thinking, begin to write the response.
  • If you find it hard to start writing, that means you’re in your head and your mind is trying to control the response. Just start writing anyway and allow yourself not to censor it. You may have a couple of sentences of “I don’t know. I’m not getting anything. This feels weird. Maybe I’m not in the zone.” etc. Don’t worry about it. Keep writing. Say your question out loud again and continue to write as if you are receiving guidance. (You are.) Keep going for at least 2 minutes.
  • Regardless of what your mind thinks about what you wrote, thank your Self/Spirit and guides for helping you.

Most times, the guidance will be simple and practical. Read what you wrote. How does it feel? When guidance comes from your head it feels energetically constrictive (and probably a bit judgy and preachy too). When it comes from your heart space, that inner-guidance uses simple language, feels kind, and energetically expansive or light.

Again, consider the guidance an invitation and not a mandate. Trust your Self to feel and choose what guidance steps to follow.

Note: Sometimes guidance will be an invitation to get you moving in a direction that you did not expect. This happens especially when you’ve been stuck for a long time. You may not end up where you think you’re being guided. The point of the guidance was to get you moving and to look at other possibilities that you couldn’t while you were stuck in an old frame of mind.

You change and create new possibilities when you move your thoughts, actions, and intentions to align with your inner-guidance and Higher Self.

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