Accessing the Akashic Pool

The Akashic Pool

In session, I operate like a portal that opens up into a field of energy and data. My perception is that this is the expanded energy field specific for each client and where our Teams work together in the session.

Recently, during my journal time, my Spirit Team called this expanded energy field of data, the Akashic Pool. Depending on the question or concern presented, the Team directs and translates out of the vast pool.

I haven’t studied Akashic record readings nor thought about how I do sessions as though I’m accessing the Akashic Records, because I’m not accessing a “library” like I’ve heard others talk about.

Since I also see multidimensional concepts and constructs in a session, I’ve just accepted that our Higher Selves and Spirit Teams direct each session and they’re the ones that bring through the energy transmissions and translated guidance of what I’m channeling. My perception is that I’m receiving, not retrieving.

So what’s the point of calling it the Akashic Pool?

In my experience, my Team doesn’t usually label something unless they want to expand on it and find it useful for context.

What they brought to my attention was that our Higher Self / Spirit also accesses this Akashic Pool while we sleep to retrieve specific “data” that supports our soul plan. We also receive what we need for our free will interests and choices. It’s kind of like getting an update to our data base and operating system based on the trajectory of our path and choices. This happens whether we’re aware of it or not.

The Akashic Pool data in its original form is beyond our human ability to understand and use directly. It has to be translated, processed, integrated, and disseminated into us in a way that we can access and use it. Our brains translate some of this through our dreams into symbolic terms so that our subconscious mind has the information. It also disseminates into our energy data system (chakras, etc.) to inform and guide us through our intuition.

Other information is much more complex and subtle, and contains different codes, transmissions, and activations to support us and we don’t usually perceive it in our dreams.

If you’re able to remember your dreams, record them and ask your Spirit Team to help interpret the information and guidance from them. Don’t worry if you don’t remember them, you’re still receiving this support whether you’re conscious of it or not.

Additionally, before you go to sleep, you can ask your Higher Self to bring you the support, information, and guidance for whatever you need help with. Sometimes that results in a literal “sleep on it” revelation in the morning.

The guidance or support unfolds in other ways too; through intuition and synchronicities, etc. At a minimum, some sort of Akashic Pool data is retrieved for you even if you aren’t aware of what it is yet.

Why Brain Housekeeping Matters

This Akashic Pool concept was presented to me because my Team wanted me to be aware that our brains are also doing human body and brain housekeeping to process everything we’ve thought about, experienced, or data we’ve consumed during the day.

So, if we spend too much time on social media or watch other sources of input (especially before bed), a lot of our brain housekeeping will involve processing all of this excess “data” and it spills over into the Akashic Pool data-processing too.

As an example, those of us that remember our dreams may notice famous people or a movie theme that we just watched, etc., show up in our dreams.

It’s much better for us to have some mental space to process our daily difficult or challenging thoughts, problems, and emotions during brain housekeeping time than have all the excess junk data in there too.

Brain housekeeping 101

  1. Aim for 6 or more hours of sleep.
  2. Reduce media intake throughout the day and especially for the 30-60 minutes before bed.
  3. Use the time before bed to “off gas” the day. Relaxation practices or mediation recordings may help.
  4. Ask your Higher Self and Spirit Team to help you and bring specific support and guidance while you sleep.

You’re Guided. Period.

  • Instead of trying to figure everything out and worrying that you have to be exactly right, just take the next best step for you.
  • Are you guidable? Be open, willing, and ready to receive.
  • Check-in with your inner-guidance and call on your Spirit Team to help you – even in dream time.
  • Look for the obvious signs of guidance trying to get your attention.

I’m here for you too.

Here are some helpful options for Clarity Sessions to receive energy work and supportive guidance from me and your Spirit Team.

Thank you for being here.
I’m rooting for you every step of the way.

Much love,
Angela 💗✨🌸

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