How to see and improve your Intuition

I grew up in Michigan and at a very young age my dad taught me how to “hunt” for morel mushrooms. I’m pretty sure those first few years when I was 3-5 years old, I didn’t find anything unless he took his finger and actually touched the mushroom to point it out to me.

I do remember that I spent most of the time being “distracted” by the spring wildflowers and all the things I got to see in the forest that I didn’t get to see in the yard and fields around our house.

One time I was standing in a patch of mushrooms, but I was so focused on a trillium flower that I didn’t see them at all. My dad was palm-to-forehead a lot of the time trying to get me to focus. 🍄

The thing with mushrooms is that it takes a while for your eyes to tune-in to see them amongst all the leaves, plants, and debris in the forest. But once you see your first one of the day, it’s like that specific lens has flipped into focus and suddenly you’re able to see them wherever they are. You also develop the ability to filter out what you’re not looking for.

Either way, you can enjoy the walk and sights on your journey even if you feel like you’re “missing” something. 🌸

You don’t have to hunt for your Intuition, but what are you looking for?

Unlike mushrooms, which depend on seasonal conditions and can be sparse, your intuition is always there waiting to be noticed and used as guidance. You don’t have to hunt for signs, symbols, or messages from your intuition because they’re always around and within you.

Your Higher Self and Spirit Team are extended parts of you that support and guide you through your felt and perceived intuition, psychic sensing, dreams, signs, and synchronicities, etc. Your subconscious mind is registering these external and internal messages even if your conscious mind doesn’t notice them yet.

You don’t have to constantly look at everything and turn it into a potential message either. I mean, our whole life is a constant stream of incoming information and interesting things to look at, but when we hone our intuition, we know what to pay attention to and how to use that information as guidance.

What helps to bring things into focus is to want to notice our intuition and then actively follow it (or at least consider it). Even then, sometimes a message can be right in front of us, and we’ll still miss it because of our conditioning to ignore it. (Red flags!)

Additionally, we can feel like we’re paying attention but not noticing anything because either it’s not time yet or we need to make a choice or take a step to get a different perspective and then the next step comes into focus.

These may be the times when it helps to have someone put a finger on it so we can “see” what we’re missing or looking for. 🙋🏻‍♀️ 👉🏼🍄 Here are some helpful options for Clarity Sessions to receive energy work and supportive guidance from me and your Spirit Team.

Let’s start with the obvious.

Over the years, I learned how, where, and when to look for mushrooms. Surprisingly, they sometimes would be growing right out in the open and easy to see.

We can have intuitive messages that are like that too. These are the big obvious things like prophetic dreams, coincidences, right-timed emails, and following a strong feeling that helps us discover an opportunity or something we need to know.

You can use these obvious synchronicities, signs, feelings, or “weird things” that happen, to help improve your sense of how your subtle intuition also works for you.

One of the easiest practices to improve your intuitive sensing is to simply note when these obvious events occur. It works best to write them down but at a minimum, pause and say them out loud. Over time, these data point reflections can help train you to sense what’s intuitive guidance and what isn’t. Like connecting the dots in reverse to notice the way the pattern unfolds.

The basic practice.

In theory, everything can be a sign. Although it can be fun to see things like a series of numbers; 11:11, etc., it can cause overwhelm and create distraction to write all these types of things down – UNLESS, you already have a special relationship to a sign and symbol, and it feels important to note when it appears.

The Minimum Practice:

  • Ask: Start the day with asking your Higher Self and Spirit Team (HS/ST) to bring signs and synchronicities to your attention that are easy to see. Trust that this will happen and set your intention to notice what feels significant.
  • Take notes: Whatever you notice, whether it’s a synchronicity, sign, symbol, metaphor, or something that triggers a feeling or thought, write it down or use a notes app in your phone.
  • Expand your notes: If you have the time, or maybe at the end of the day, write a little bit about why you feel or think you noticed something and how it made you feel.

Just in doing these 3 steps it will help you improve your ability to sense and notice how your intuition presents around and within you.

Get the most out of the practice:

  • Look for themes: At the end of the day and as the week progresses, look over your daily notes and see if there’s a theme, pattern, or an increased feeling or thoughts about one of the things you wrote down.
  • Did you act on it?: Did you use what you noticed or felt about any of these incidences/thoughts/feelings to take action or not take an action? If so, expand your notes to include that information.
  • What was revealed?: What happened when you followed (or didn’t follow) the feeling or sign? Expand your notes to include those details.

Refine and hone your intuition data points:

  • Connections: Over time, review your notes and look for any subtle messages and intuitive inner-guidance in your notes. Do you see any patterns or connections from an obvious sign that points to a subtle one?
  • Analysis: Write about what you see and describe how your intuition has changed. How does your intuition and psychic perceptions work as guidance for you?
  • What do you want?: What would you like to experience more of with your intuition? Name it to claim it. Ask for it and look for it.
  • Have a Higher Self / Spirit Team Meeting: After reviewing your notes and your insights, ask your HS/ST to bring you more insight about what you’ve been experiencing. Write down whatever comes up and take steps accordingly.

Amplify with your dreams:

Set Your Dream Intentions: At night, ask your HS/ST to bring you helpful dreams. In the morning, note any images or ideas that you remember that feel intuitive. Look for supporting signs and symbols to show up as you go about your day.

The initial practice is to focus your attention and notice how your intuition works with and for you. The intention is be able to see and sense your intuition all the time and use it to guide you even without taking notes. Over time, you’ll notice the more subtle intuitive messages and feelings that also guide you.

Intuition is an Invitation

It’s a lifelong practice to get to know and develop our abilities to sense, listen to, and follow our intuition. When we stop second-guessing and doubting our inner-guidance and what we know, we learn to distinguish our intuition from our conditioning or fear. We can then better know what’s important to pay attention to.

Intuition can save us from wasted time and cyclical patterns of doubt and confusion, but more than that, it can enrich our lives and help us create one that is more enjoyable and authentic to who we are and always becoming.

Always consider any guidance an invitation to implement.

You always have free will to use the guidance or not.

You’re Guided. Period.

If you have struggles or goals that you need to address, instead of trying to figure it out and worrying that you have to be exactly right, just take the next best step for you.

  • Are you guidable? Be open, willing, and ready to receive.
  • Check-in with your inner-guidance and call on your Spirit Team to help you.
  • Look for the obvious signs of guidance trying to get your attention.

I’m here for you too. Let’s put a finger on it so we can “see” what you’re missing or looking for. 👉🏼🍄
Here are some helpful options for Clarity Sessions to receive energy work and supportive guidance from me and your Spirit Team.

Thank you for being here.

I’m rooting for you every step of the way.

Much love,
Angela 💗✨🌸

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