How guidable are you?

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Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

Guidance is always available and coming in, but if you aren’t open to receive it, you’ll miss the subtle invitations of your guides and intuition.

Maybe you’re receiving signs, but you keep asking for a sign-ier sign. โ—๏ธ๐Ÿ‘€

Or, when you do get a message but you ignore it for a long time, the guidance starts to feel like a sledgehammer to get your attention. I’ve done this approach. Not fun. 0/10 – would not recommend.

Signal to Noise

We’re exposed to a lot of different forms of noise.

There’s a constant stream of information, thoughts, beliefs, ideas, images, energies, and concerns that come at us when we’re online (or just going about our life). Maybe some of what you’re receiving is important for you to know; but not all of it. Even the “important to know” stuff can become overwhelming and contribute to the noise inside of you.

There’s a sound engineering term called Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) that describes how strong or what the level of the signal is compared to the level of the noise. Too much noise and you’re not going to hear the signal. It’s what I think of when guidance isn’t heard and the message starts to get louder and sledgehammer-y to get our attention.

So let’s think of the noise like being at a rock concert with 100’s of bands playing at the same time and the crowd is also contributing to the din. Your intuition and guides are next to you speaking softly. It’s going to be hard to sense anything other than a big neon message up on the screen or a body slam to get your attention for you to move.

You need to regularly step out of the arena and give yourself time to recalibrate. Your body and brain are going to be vibrating at the noise frequency for awhile. It takes time to process all that energy and information to create some clear inner space to hear your intuition and guides.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to recommend sitting in silent meditation.

I want to share an effective practice that can be easily incorporated into your life without adding work or make you work against the noise.

Although there are times when it can be helpful to do a silent/guided/sound meditation, I find it’s more helpful to regularly give yourself some time to process all that input until you’re able to reduce the noise. Telling your mind to stop thinking isn’t useful because it’s also trying get your attention to help you.

Although everyone recommends reducing our social media screen time, etc., how likely are we going to do it? (Exactly! There are cat videos that must be seen! ๐Ÿพ)

It’s really helpful when you can unplug, but life in general is noisy. So we’re going to focus on a minimal viable practice you can integrate into your day that will gradually help you reduce the noise and improve your connection to your intuition.

This is it.

Set your devices and ask those around you to Do Not Disturb.

  1. Choose an activity to do for at least 15 minutes (30 minutes is ideal). This activity should require little to no thinking, problem solving, or heavy exertion. The activity must involve some movement because it helps process the energy so you can diminish and release it.

Here’s a list of the types of activities that you could choose.

  • Walking, Pacing, Hiking (Not in a gym and nothing that requires reps, counting, intervals, or great exertion, etc.)
  • Showering and getting ready for the day or for bed
  • Laundry that includes, gathering, sorting, folding, putting away
  • Gardening – weeding, picking, watering, (nothing that requires planning/plotting/grunting, etc.)
  • General house tidying or chores – sweeping, dishes, changing sheets, putting things away, etc.
  • Simple Making: mending, knitting, crocheting, stitching, sanding, etc. as long as it doesn’t require counting, or thinking about the project, or hyper-focus – (so don’t use your creative time for this)
  • Limited mobility option: sit with your eyes open and take a small object (stone, ball, etc) and gently pass it back and forth between your hands
  1. State your intention and request out loud. The vibration and sound of your voice activates your “Self” connection and the signal resonates through you on all levels. You can make your stated intention elaborate, but simpler makes it more doable and it’s just as effective.

Here’s an example of a simple intention and request.

“Hey Team, I need help processing and clearing out all the noise while I do this activity. I’m also open and ready to receive insight, ideas, solutions, and guidance. Thank you!”

  1. Do the activity. Just let yourself be interested in and notice all the thought-chatter, concerns, feelings, emotions, and energies that come up. Be curious and compassionate about whatever comes up while you do your activity.

If you feel like you need some support, talk to your Spirit Team. You can ask for something specific or for general support to help you. Like, “Hey Team, I’m struggling here and feel like I’m about to cry, could you help me feel more loved and supported right now? Thank you.”

Ask for what you want.

Ask for what you need.

  1. Take Notes. I recommend having a notepad or way to capture any insights or aha’s that may come to you.

Your mind may cycle through problems and concerns or just off-gas a bunch of blah-blah-blah as part of the clearing out process. That’s kind of the point. You need to move through all of that to reduce the buildup of noise. And you may also get some insights, solutions, and guidance during or afterwards too.

(After the activity would be a great time to journal, but at least do what you can to notice and take notes.)

  1. Practice. This isn’t something you have to add to your to-do list. This is meant to be a way to develop your intuition and ability to receive guidance while you “do” your life.

The more often you practice clearing yourself this way, the easier it becomes to be open and available to receive support and guidance all the time.


Why a 30 minute activity practice is ideal.

I’ve found, especially when you first start this practice, that it takes about 15 minutes of movement to process enough thoughts and energy to create some inner space and balance. Then you’re more open and able to connect and receive insights, solutions, aha’s, inspiration, and guidance.

Overtime, you may find the clearing takes less time or becomes instantaneous when you set your intention to clear, connect, and receive.

It may take awhile.

If you’ve never had a clearing practice like this, it may be a lot of blah-blah-blah spin-processing for many days before you notice diminished noise or start receiving insights.

Feel like you’re not connecting with your guides or intuition?

This practice can help you learn how you connect and receive guidance.

You’re guided. Period.

You’re guided through life whether you sense it or not. The practice I shared above can be an easy way to help you connect with your intuition, Higher-Self, and Spirit Team to help you make choices and take action.

It doesn’t have to be a big fanfare, but it does take practice to be clearly guided.

As always, if you have struggles or goals that you need to address, instead of trying to figure it out and worrying that you have to be exactly right, just take the next best step for you.

  • Are you guidable? Be open, willing, and ready to receive.
  • Check-in with your inner-guidance and call on your Spirit Team to help you.

Thank you for being here.

I’m rooting for you every step of the way.

Much love,

P.S. Here are some helpful options for Clarity Sessions to receive supportive guidance from me and your Spirit Team.

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