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Los Angeles was a burgeoning hot spot of new-age spiritualism when I moved there in the mid-1980’s. I had no idea something seemingly ridiculous to my scientific training would be the introduction to my Spirit Team.

Saving Parking Spots as a Spiritual Practice

When I was first exploring intuitive and psychic practices and learning a bit about guides, I heard someone talk about asking them to save you a good parking space.

Being a scientist, my first reaction was an internal eyeroll. But this person was really into it and proceeded to give me a spiel about “how it works”. This was pretty low stakes in the investment of time and consequences, so I was open and willing to look at it.

I had my innate intuitive and psychic abilities I grew up with, but at that point, I was just learning the language and the metaphysical premises of spiritual / new-age teachings and practices. So, I thought I’d do an experiment and prove or disprove it to myself.

I’d heard of guardian angels growing up, and I had some clairaudient direct guidance a few times that helped me, so I assumed these were the only beings that were connected to us. So, I was interested to explore a different kind of relationship with a guide and manifest some evidence. I mean, why not?

The Experiment – Introducing Squat

It’s been over 30 years, but this is the basic experiment I set up for my first and only “science-based” interaction with a guide.

  • What: Ask for a good parking spot.
  • Where: At the time, I didn’t ask for “a spot near the door”. I just figured, finding a safe, relatively close spot was sufficient as “good”.
  • When: Every time I needed to park other than work and home (because I had designated parking spaces for them).
  • Who: I felt weird about asking “some being” to help me, so I made it more fun and personal. I named the guide “Squat” because it’s also a term to occupy and claim a space.
  • How: I created a simple fun phrase that’d I’d say out loud just a little bit before I arrived. “Squat, please save me a spot. Thank you!”
  • Duration: I think it took me about a week to remember to do it every time, so it was probably about a month in total that I was noting the outcome.

Squat Saves the Spot

So although I was paying attention in “experiment mode” for about a month, I was surprised by my anecdotal findings quite early. Prior to this experiment, I would often circle parking lots or city blocks looking for a parking spot.


  • During the first couple of weeks, I was delighted that 100% of the time I was getting a good parking spot, quickly.
  • About 50% of those good spots were also a great spot near the door. (Even at Trader Joe’s grocery stores!)
  • By the end of the month, about 90% of the time I found a good parking spot quickly and didn’t have to park far away or wait long for something to open. And about 50% of the time, they were also great spots near the door.


I was delighted and intrigued by my experiment experience. It was fun and exciting to feel like I was co-creating and measurably manifesting with a guide. The results allowed my scientific brain to consider something it would previously deduce as impossible or inexplicable.

Because it was for low stakes, I was more open and didn’t feel the need to prove or explain anything to anyone but myself. If it worked, it worked. If it didn’t, it didn’t. So what? No big deal.

And it worked, for me. It also opened up a felt connection and perception that changed the way I listened for and received guidance.

I still call on Squat to save me a spot and I’ve added some expanded requests for things like; please save my favorite type of shopping cart, save seats at a restaurant, open traffic to flow on the road or in lines (queues) at the airport, etc.

Although Squat has pulled off some amazing parking spots and miracles for travel, I also do my part to co-create the possibility that it’ll happen. I investigate new areas for best parking options ahead of time, I leave ample time to account for delays or reroutes, and I’m kind to people which makes it more likely for them to help me out in a travel pinch.

At this point, Squat is my ever present travel and space-saver helper-guide and my interactions with them are automatic and always with appreciation and gratitude.

Gatekeeping of Guides

This experiment stoked my curiosity. It opened me to be willing to ask for and receive support. Manifesting parking spots was fun, but I really wanted to learn about the different types of guides and angels and how they interact with and guide us.

I have a loose recollection of the different pre-internet teachings I found back then about types of guides and angels and their “jobs”.

I took a few classes and read a few books and then set them aside because at the time, much of the information I found seemed hierarchical. I could accept some of it to help understand the stratification was based on their area of expertise – such as organizing the more mundane on up to multi-dimensional technical work.

But, what I didn’t feel comfortable with was that there were a lot of teachings that required devotion and rituals to working with guides and angels. Like we were lowly beings and had to “earn” their favor or learn secret steps to have a relationship with them. It also felt like something religious was in the mix and I wasn’t having it.

I wanted a direct connection with my guides.

At the time, I wasn’t looking for more helper guides to manifest, I wanted to have a relationship with them. My thoughts were that since they’re guides, they’re wiser and available to talk to and ask for guidance and support – directly.

So, just like my direct communication with Squat, I started talking to them as though they were there and kept myself open to receive messages, signs, and guidance.

Squat as a Gateway to Your Spirit Team

Since that time 30 years ago, I’ve developed my relationship and how I work with my guides who I now collectively call my Spirit Team. I’ve cultivated a clear connection that’s integrated in all parts of my life and directs my work.

In my newsletters, blog posts, and in my FAQs on my website, I share my experiences and ways to connect to and receive guidance and support from your Spirit Team.

I’ve introduced you to Squat as an invitation to create the same kind of relationships in your Spirit Team. You can think of Squat as a gateway to practice connecting with your team and developing your relationship with them. You can even name your Spirit Team spot-saver, Squat too. 💜

You always have direct access to your Spirit Team to ask them for support and guidance.

As I’ve discussed before (or you can read in the FAQs), the Spirit Team members don’t have a personal need to be identified but will take on attributes when it helps to receive guidance and support. You can ask for or give them a name, but it’s not necessary for them. In my non-work life, I usually just say something like, “OK Team, I need some help with _. Whoever’s in charge of that, please help me. Thank you.”

As a reminder to clients, I often include the following note in the emails I send after sessions:

“Call on your Spirit Team to provide guidance, help you make choices, and bring opportunities and resources to support you. Start asking for specific support from them. Nothing is too big, too small, or off limits to ask for support or even to just ask to be delightfully surprised. This will create a strong clear connection to your Higher Self guidance, Spirit Team, and intuition.”

Science and Spirituality

I’m still a scientist and live my life with deference to empirical evidence and critical reasoning to help me make choices. My intuition and psychic abilities aren’t at odds with science, they provide nuance and enhancement to what I know from both perspectives. The science and psychic parts often intersect and reflect each other.

You’re Guided. Period.

You’re guided through life whether you feel it or not. But you can intentionally connect with your intuition, Higher-Self, and Spirit Team to help you make choices and take action. It doesn’t have to be a big fanfare, but it does take practice to be clearly guided.

As always, if you have struggles or goals that you need to address, instead of trying to figure it out and worrying that you have to be exactly right, just take the next best step for you.

  • Are you guidable? Be open, willing, and ready to receive.
  • Check-in with your inner-guidance and call on your Spirit Team to help you.
  • Assess what’s “true” for you right now.
  • Identify the easiest next best step that you can take.
  • Find the support to get clarity or to help you take that step.
  • Let the experience of that step inform you.

That one step, no matter how small, provides a change in your perspective so you can then see what your next step will be.

Here are some helpful options for Clarity Sessions to receive supportive guidance from your Spirit Team.

Much love,


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